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here you are at my private homepage. So you won't find anything about my profession (Linux Systemhaus Schulz). It's all just about my private interests and hobbies.

Overview and Links

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I programmed my first computer in 1978. I tried a lot of systems and programming languages: At the moment I really like Java and Perl. But this can change with every project...


Java ist not only an amazing programming language because of its object orientated approach. In my humble opinion it is a pleasure to program code, compile it, and run it on many platforms. There are other ways to write cross platform code (just use an ANSI-C compiler) in theory, but practically you need to ensure, that the needed libraries are present on the target system. With Java, you have the Virtual Machine (VM), the runtime environment and that's it!
Here are a few links about Java and Java related stuff:

Operating systems


The operating system of my first choice is Linux, and Linux only. It's free, reliable, fast and open. There is no need for another system, because you can do anything with it! I use Linux at home and at work.
At the Linux-Meeting '98 (in Siegen, Germany) I gave a lecture on "Linux in Business". It seemed, that my audience recognized, that Linux is ready for business.

Here are some (english and german) links to Linux related websites:

Artificial Intelligence

Although I study computer science at a german Polytechnic University, I feel as an amateur researcher, because I have not much time to spend for this. I have to review the following links, but in the meantime you can explore these websites:

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