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PING is a non-profit internet provider for private individuals located in Dortmund, Germany. Most documents on this server are only available in German, sorry.
We offer dialins at speeds of 2400-56000bps for modem callers and 38400-64000bps for ISDN users.
PING also organizes occasional tutorials and workshops that are open to the general public. We run this W3 server with information about us and with the personal homepages of our users. We also maintain a public file archive, with internet related software for a lot of popular platforms.
To take part in the Net, you have the choice of two different levels of memberships: UUCP and full interactive IP services. UUCP provides you with electronic mail and net.news. IP services are offered via SLIP (serial line internet protocol), CSLIP, PPP and - for ISDN users - HDLC.
Last but not least, PING offers a large WWW proxy to its members that caches accesses and provides much faster access for frequently accessed documents.

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Our postal address
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Strasse 20
44227 Dortmund
Tel. +49 231/9791 -0
FAX +49 231/9791 -19

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